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updated tech = maximum speed

Adobe InDesign CS4
Used for print projects, ads, and publications. Used extensively for PxPt assignments since 2000 (ver. CS2–CS4)
Adobe PhotoShop CS4
Used for bitmap-graphics, photos and collaging projects. Used extensively for PxPt projects since 1998 (ver. 7–CS4)
Adobe Illustrator CS4
Used for vector-based graphics and logo designs. Illustrator (and FreeHand) has been used at PxPt since 1998 (ver. 7–CS4)
Adobe Acrobat CS4
Used to port projects to the web for format-friendly (and interactive) viewing/reading. Used daily at PxPt since 1998 (ver. 4–CS4)
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
Used for webpage and website design projects at PxPt since 2000 (ver. 4–CS4). HTML training has helped with "back-end" coding edits.
Once the industry-leader in page-layout and publication management, Quark was used at PxPt until 2007 (ver. 4–6.52).
Microsoft Office 2008
MS-Word (since ver. 4), MS-Excel (since ver. 2) and MS-PowerPoint (since ver. 2) have been used at PxPt for text/data import/display.
Mac OSX (ver. 10.5)
PixelPoint updates systems as Apple releases upgrades. Advanced usage and networking skills since "System 6" (1989).
Now using iMac, MacBook, and G5/Dual Macs. Our HP printers (B&W & color), Epson scanners, and backup drives are networked (1000baseT).

As with most design firms in the U.S., we are Macintosh-based (Windows files are always welcome). We upgrade our hardware regularly (e.g., our primary Macs are 2008 or newer). We maintain our fully-licensed software with the latest patches / updates / upgrades, and continue sharpening our skills with online and classroom training programs.

• Modern – PixelPoint's extensive design-tech history means real-world troubleshooting skills. Business-speed broadband (with available client-login FTP-transfers), gigabit ethernet, and hi-speed printers/scanners (as well as hourly backups and anti-virus software) keep the clients' jobs flowing smoothly.

• Old School – Our roots go back to the days of stat-cameras, imagesetters, and paste-up boards. Precise skills honed during those "mechanical" years allow 21st century projects to move error-free in the modern digital production workflow.

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